Thursday, April 19, 2018


Man gets stuck inside sex doll, calls police
A Man who allegedly got stuck inside a sex doll reportedly calls the police to rescue him.
According to reports, a man identified has Andre got stuck inside his personal sex doll.After making frantic efforts to get off it, he proceeded to call the police for his uncomfortable emmergency.
Obviously going through a lot of pain, he groaned at the police officer explaining his predicament.
A video of the incident which is currently making rounds shows the hilarious rescue process.
Though the man had pleaded for the officer to come alone, so as to reduce further embarassment, the officer arrived with a rescue team, a move that made the victim scream ‘dont judge me’. The officer then replied that he shouldn’t have called the police if he didn’t want company.
The police officers who had gone on a rescue mission made a video of the rescue process.
From the video, one of the members of the rescue team asked him if he was stuck while going in from the front or from the back as it was now difficult to tell.
The exasperated victim responded saying he already messed up the back, so he was definitely going in through the front.
Efforts were made by the team to pull him out as he kept screaming oin pain before they suceeded in getting him out finally.
It is really difficult not to laugh at the victim especially at certain highlights of the scene, as he kept shouting ‘dont judge me’

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