Monday, May 21, 2018



Just as the public is eager to know about her decision to have a baby without marriage, the same public wants to know who is the man that either refused to marry her or whom Linda refused to marry. There are three scenarios: (1) She wanted to marry the man, but the man refused or (2) The man wanted to marry her and she refused or (3) They both wanted a baby without marriage?

There are, indeed, many questions including"

Whether the reason she and the man are not getting married is because the man is already married?

Whether the pregnancy was planned or it was an accident?

Whether there were previous pregnancies, and this was the one she decided to keep?

Whether she plans to have more children this way, and if so will it be from the same man or different men?

Whether there could be future custody and child support dispute between Linda and the biological father of this child (or biological fathers of this and future children on the way)?

Whether she was in a relationship with this man that sired her baby or whether she never dated him but only chose him just for this baby?

Whether there was sex between them or was the sperm inserted through some fertility procedure?

Was the reason they did not get married because Linda did not want him to claim her property as a spouse in the event of divorce.

Whether the father of this baby signed any agreement with Linda, if so, what would the agreement say about visitation?

Whether the baby will bear the father's last name or Linda's last name?

How motherhood would affect LInda's business in the future?

Why did she choose to do it this year instead of next 3 years - Did she feel the time pressure or something?

When did she really decide to have a child without marriage? Was that the original plan or was it a plan B? And if so, what was the plan A?

Was the man that got her pregnant paid to do so? If so, how much could she have paid?

Is it possible that Linda had secretly married the man and waiting for the right time to reveal she was married?

It is easy to propound 100 questions that are relevant and of immense interest to the pubic or Linda's fans. It is wrong to believe that people should not ask question, but just limit their curiosity to Linda's discretion.

What Linda needed to do was to sit down in an interview and answer questions from journalists and place everything on the table so she can have peace. Otherwise, speculations about her private life will only get higher.

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