Saturday, June 23, 2018


43-Year-Old Nigerian Big Boy Remigius Duru Okonkwo Has Been Arrested In Faraway Cambodia After He Scammed A Woman From Vietnam of $356,000

Remigius Duru Okonkwo, aged 43, has been arrested and arraigned before a Phnom Penh court, in  Cambodia, for allegedly defrauding a Vietnamese businesswoman, Darg Mai Nga, of $356,000.
Nga suit revealed that she met the suspect on social media in January 2018, and on January 10, he came to Hanoi to meet up with her, convincing her to invest in a brick-making factory in Cambodia.

According to the reports, the suspect reportedly took the victim to the factory site in Cambodia, telling her that it belonged to a friend of his.

Nga who became convinced decided to invest in the business and went on to transfer the sum of $356,000 to Okonkwo.

However, Nga was unable to reach Okonkwo as soon as he took delivery of the money.

Okonkwo later met his Waterloo when he called Nga once again to convince her to invest another $150,000, as the brick factory was almost completed.

Nga informed the police of all that had transpired between the both of them and Okonkwo was arrested at his arranged meet with Nga.

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