Saturday, October 27, 2018

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway strips down to celebrate 9-Years Breast Cancer free (Photo)

Yesterday, October 26, marked the 9th-year American actress Vanessa Bell Calloway had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on her right breast.
Taking to her Instagram page, the 61-year-old actress shared a topless photo of herself to celebrate the milestone.
She wrote:'TODAY 9 years ago OCTOBER 26,2009 I entered the hospital and had a 12 hour surgery. I had a #mastectomy and then a #breastreconstruction I had stage zero #dcis #breastcancer Thank #god I got my yearly #mamogram and found it Now I’m #cancerfree #praisegod from whom all blessings flow #knowyourgirls #beatcancer.'

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