Friday, January 4, 2019


Princess Akporaro Enaroseha "You See that DJ that committed Suicide because his wife left him& he couldn't bear to be alone.... Back then in my University days in IUO, my friends/mates here can be my witness.

I was dating him then,he wasn't my first love,but he was someone I could share stuffs with then.He was bubbly and full of life,my kinda person.

Slowly we grew into sweethearts.Then a relationship started.
Life felt good.
Suddenly the abuse started. Physical, emotional and financial Black mails.
At some point I couldn't attend lectures or keep friends cos I will be so bruised from the beatings.

Anytime I decided to move on he will come with all his family members,friends and the whole school to beg.

During one of those DM moments he beat me so bad and kicked me with his timberland boots.
I started bleeding internally and vomited blood.Whyvthe beating?because I caught him sleeping with someone else(not the first time). I was rushed to the hospital.Did I leave then?No.

11months later,I was in final year,he was dating my classmate/friend.I was running mad after he wasted my 4+years?he denied the relationship..... That evening I came in from University of Benin Teaching Hospital where I was
An Intern (MLS).
I confronted him again about his relationship with my mate guess what?
He broke his HP laptop on my head and hit my shoulder with it.
I lost conciousness.

Today I am left with a permanent swelling on the left side of my head.
Sometimes my left eye twitch and I have with extreme migraine.

8 years later look at me.
Where Is he?Somewhere in Nigeria.
He threatened to kill me then and kill himself said I belonged to himetc.

Ladies and gentlemen are you still asking/saying  it was the fault of the DJ's wife the DJ killed himself because she couldn't and wouldn't stay in the marriage anymore?

Please let the woman heal from her pain and may the dead find rest.
Nobody Knows the truth.

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