Sunday, August 18, 2019

Ubi Franklin in row with Alexx Ekubo over ‘entrepreneurship’ comment

Ubi Franklin and Alexx Ekubo are in disagreement on social media following comments on entrepreneurship by the former.
Trouble started when Ubi shared a post on his Instagram page yesterday entreating his followers not to listen to some motivational speakers who paint entrepreneurship or owning a business as something so easy.
The music executive said “not everyone will be an entrepreneur” despite the motivation.

But Ubi’s comment struck Alexx Ekubo who then reacted to the post accusing the CEO of Made Men Music Group of being the front-runner of such motivational speeches.
The actor wrote: ”Ubi na you gon gon be the pilot of the flight, awon inspire to desire, to perspire.”
Alexx’s response apparently did not go down well with Ubi who also hit back at the actor on Instagram Stories with screaming letters.
“Alex next time read carefully before you comment,” he said. “I meant not everyone will be an ‘entrepreneur’. If you don’t understand my message please pass.”

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