On October 6, 2019, Nigerian superstar appeared on Capital Xtra with Robert Bruce. During the show, he talked about afrobeats, new music and gave shout-outs to his peers.

But as the conversation went on, he announced that he will start a streaming platform with UBA.
Towards the end of his chat with Bruce, and talking about how afrobeats inspired him to invest in the business, Wizkid said that, "I have always thought about ways to expand and turn it into a real business. My team and I have been working so hard.
"I have this streaming app that I am about to launch right now. We've been working on that for a while in collaboration with a big bank; United Bank of Africa (UBA). Those are my new partners. Yeah, we intend to create a streaming platform to help people to market your music, put out your music and actually get revenue for your music, right into your pocket.
"We have a talent hunt that we're going to do back home, doing a 20-country tour. We will go around, you know to pick some of the best talent from every African country. Help them you know, collaborate with them and see what we can do for the culture..."
You might remember that Wizkid was on Red TV owned by UBA few months ago. He is also close to Tony Elumelu, the CEO of UBA.
You can watch the full video here;