Comedian, actor and film producer, Ayo AY Makun has joined forces with a leading Chinese movie group to film his next project, ‘30 Days in China’.

The deal, championed by AY, will be the first major film collaboration between the Chinese film industry and Nollywood.
In an Instagram post by AY, who was recently in China, the film producer and actor revealed that he had a meeting with executives of Huawen Movie group, an arm of the Huahua Media.
AY made history when he signed major deal with Chinese movie group to produce a cross cultural movie, '30 Days in China'. [Instagram/aycomedian]
AY made history when he signed a major deal with the Chinese movie group to produce a cross-cultural movie, '30 Days in China'. [Instagram/aycomedian]
30 Days in China meeting holding at Huawen Movie group office... we are looking at a brighter future for Nollywood,” he captions the picture of himself at the Chinese office of the media group.
AY is joined on the journey by Mr. Wang, chairman Huahua Media, and Moses Babatope of the Film one Entertainment.
In a chat with CNN Africa, Babatope says the Chinese collaboration will open up Nollywood to Chinese cinema audience and create better quality movies.
"We will be exposed to a lucrative and moving Chinese film market. It's like skipping many hurdles and getting access to an existing mature market," Babatope said.
AY’s entry into Nollywood was with the production of ‘30 Days in Atlanta’. The production shot in collaboration with the Atlanta government was a blockbuster that paved the way for Nigerian comic films in cinemas.
‘30 Days in China’ joins Makun's comedy franchise, which includes '30 days in Atlanta' and '10 days in Sun City,' where he films adventures in new countries.