Monday, August 10, 2020

Kemisola Jesusanmi the Founder of Positive Mind Crew Talks About Her Plans for PMC

Positive Mind Crew is A unique group for every matured mind.

The group has been in existence since 2016 and has contributed immensely to humanity. We have been able to give out to the less privilege, support every members in need. Over the years, the group has been very educative,informative and entertaining. 


To come together, interact, relate and build positive vibes, and give back to the society.*_


1. To ease off our mind from our daily stress and tedious activities of the day. 

2. To enlighten ourselves about events and happenings around us/share ideas 

3. For all round moral values 

4. For healthy living advice 

5. For counseling, guidance and learning 

6. To influence ourselves, homes and businesses etc, positively. 

7. For social and personal development and supports.

This year's  fourth anniversary is going to take a sensational dimension as we intend to give back to the society by giving to bergers, and to Award our members. 

Our business plan for next year and to unfold our plans to give back to the society via training, empowerment and business strategy.

Plans to start a corporative scheme for members, importation of products for members to start retailing business, regular training to enhance our members. It's open for more people to be a part of, as we intend to encourage individuals who are willing to be identified with our mission.

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