Friday, May 28, 2021


Were Late Dr. K. O Mbadiwe alive and in attendance, he would have described the two outings in Enugwu-Ukwu and Abatete as earthquakes. You have to struggle to find your way in the surging and milling crowds. Those who came relatively late had to pack their vehicles more than three kilometers away from the venues. 

Everyone, friends and foes are coming together, healing and united by the compelling vision of Cee Cee Soludo . They all wanted to see him; hug him, pump his hands and take pictures with him. Why not?

Soludo today in Anambra, is the most popular among all those aspiring to be the next Governor of the state. He is the most preferred, loved and also considered the most capable. He is also running on a party that has consistently delivered the much needed dividends of democracy. This sheer congruence remains the driving force that is gravitating the critical mass towards the persona of Cee Cee Soludo, something lucre cannot do.

Beyond all these, there is something that the crowd apparently is searching for. You can feel it and see it in their anxious faces. We can't truly put a finger on that, because it is still sublime and at the conscience. Maybe Soludo can. That is his natural turf. We can however, only hazard some guesses:

One is the feel good of seeing and hearing from the man globally acclaimed to be one of the problem solvers. On this score, Soludo does not disappoint.

They want to hear from the man who many believe can lead us through the post-oil era with little and hugely devalued resources coming from the centre. 

There is a growing crisis of identity, values, norms and culture, which are being eroded from our rich past that shepherds our greatness. They ponder if Soludo can pull the chestnut out of the fire and make our homeland a global destination for those that are desirous of living and working in a livable city state like the Anambra he envisions.

They wanted to know if their august visitor has the courage to move APGA to a pedal where it becomes the vehicle for our people to get their fair and equitable share of federal allocation of resources.

They were obviously anxious to know the kind of future he intends to berth; how food will put on the table, their health care, the education of the children, the impact of the environment on their lives and many more nagging issues.

Soludo  gave hope, gave inspiration and raised expectations. He said APGA will give Ndigbo psychological glorification and that working together with one of the most resourceful and talented human beings on earth, he sees a new Anambra where the world will come to live, invest, work and find pleasure in a safe and livable environment.

Soludo made a humble request – “avail me the party ticket and I will win for you, for God that made me Onye Anambra, and I will  devote the remaining days of my life to lift millions out of the vicious grip of poverty." Yes, he will, because spurning development is akin to a second skin to Soludo.

Joe C. Anatune

Writes from Awa

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