Thursday, May 27, 2021


Yes, it is the proper thing to do, because both bring happiness, and because both have and continue to touch lives positively. Both have been stellar in improving lives by deploying mass-oriented public policies. It is a case of birds of identical plumage that are flocking together. Sure, nothing is ''broken'', so those pretending they are searching for something to fix or mend have better look elsewhere.

APGA has ushered Anambra into the A list in the comity of states in Nigeria, since it wrestled power from a lackluster, clay-footed and utterly destructive PDP government.

APGA is doing more - launching Anambra as a bold and proud member of the global village.

Governor Willie Obiano is fiercely and unrelentingly finishing strong. He is deservedly grinning from ear to ear, having decimated his traducers with deadly sucker punches in unimagined achievements. He is shooting on all cylinders; upscaling commerce, industry, tourism, the new economy that includes sports, and recording great strides in other areas as derivatives of his legacy projects. 

APGA, a party that has over the years, evolved a culture that guides its leadership recruitment process, has listened to the people's choice and is poised to hand over the baton to a man that is globally acclaimed to have the Solution to the multitudes of challenges that confront us as a people to go get victory in the November 6, 2021 governorship poll, so that the beautiful story of taking Anambra to the world and getting the world to come to Anambra will continue.

Soludo, who no doubt is the most loved, popular and trusted political leader in Anambra today, has assured Ndi Anambra and APGA that he is ready and willing to go for them. He is not pretending that the journey to the Promised Land is not bumpy but admits that it is going  to be exciting and rewarding for everyone.

Soludo is urging Ndi Anambra to, hey, come ride with me on this tough but rewarding journey to our Promised Land. So, everyone is invited either as a delegate or voter. Thank God it’s Friday, and be of good cheer!

Joe C. Anatune

Anatune writes from Awa

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