Saturday, July 11, 2020

Abraham Olorunimilo is the founder of Cornerstone films

Cornerstone films ministry international is an household name in the Christian movie industry today in Nigeria. The ministry is known for it's uniqueness in the production of end time movies to evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the leadership of Pastor Abraham Olorunimilo.
Cornerstone ministry has been in existence for over twenty six years and has produced movies that has brought people to Christ,movies that has change lives and deliver families such as  Ilu Asiriri,Olopa Okunkun 1 to 3, Firigbon Osilekun, Alagidi Ogun, Adura digbolugi, Agony of the Cross, to mention a few.

The ministry faced a lot of challenges in the industry, especially during production. Financial issues and man issues but God has been taking charge.

The movie Agony of the cross is the first of it's kind in Nigeria. All the characters in the movie are blacks from Nigeria, and it was shot with the best cameras and very nice locations in Nigeria. The movie is distributed to people free of charge as the Lord instructed us not to sell it. Today it's been shot in two different versions Yoruba and English. The English version will be premiered on the 30th August 2020 as we intend to distribute it for free. The production will cost us a lot as we solicit for financial and material support from both corporate and individuals.

We are also intercessory ministry, we pray for families and we have a camp ground for prayer. We also intend to start our Movie School very soon to train people in various aspects of movie production.

People should watch out for great movies coming up from the stable of Cornerstone Films and you can reach us on YouTube cornerstone official.

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