Tuesday, March 6, 2018

make your event memorable

. Create buzz around your event

To impress your attendees and create a memorable experience, everything needs to be top-notch not only on the day of the event but also before and after that day. You may choose the best venue in the city and invite the best speakers, but if you don’t create high-quality content to promote it, your event won’t find its place on people’s “must attend” list.
Once the place, date, food, cocktails and other things are taken care of, it’s high time to start creating buzz around your upcoming event on social media. According to Wayin, a social media intelligence, and visualization company, about 88% of marketers use social media channels to increase awareness about their events before they occur.
To get the most out of your efforts, create blog posts about your event (according to HubSpot, blogging increases the chance of enjoying positive ROI by up to 13 times), organize discussions on Twitter and create Facebook events. This will not only help you create engagement among your attendees but also grab the attention of new registrants.
you also need to take into consideration important aspect of engaging your followers online and on other platforms.

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