Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Youth Group Honors CEO of Pemjolad Paints for his Commitment to Entrepreneurship Drive


As a way to celebrate and share the success stories of every hardworking entrepreneur. Also To encourage young  people. youth for change initiative a youth group, under the auspices of the president Ifeanyi Okoye and his team paid a courtesy visit to the CEO/ MD of pemjolad paints and chemical LTD Mr igiebunu geoffrey, a fast-rising and a household name in paints and other chains of business.

Which he bares his mind on the challenge and way forward in terms of job creation and to empower more youths with skills, to succeed and the long term plan for the strategic expansion of the company.  With a partnership which the company hopes to be a brand within the african market, He also harps more on intergrity and focus which is lacking in most young people which has seen most business not gone more than five years.

The high point of the interview with the CEO/MD of pemjolad paints and chemical LTD  was the award presentation as Dr Kwame Nkrumah leadership award series for excellence as a business leader of high repute for his philanthropy and believe in the ability and potentials of young people, also the essence of the visit was avenue to seek partnership with pemjolad paints in ways which more youths could be empowered with skill in other to be self reliant.

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