Monday, April 5, 2021

Isiufa Killing: The Need For Security Agents To Do The Needful

It's no more news that after the ugly incident that transpired at isiuofa over the week it's calls for a deep thought within our security agents. There is no doubt  the south east has been experiencing issues of unknown gun men, but from the finding of what happened on the fateful day at isiuofa community involving a town hall meeting of prof  chukwuma charles soludo and his people. Has brought about different questions from concern citizens and ndi anambra. Could this be another attempted assassination with the dead of three of his security details and kiddnap of a serving commissioner or the act of the unknown gun men.

Thus  some believe as a result of prof chukwuma charles soludo growing influence in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections. There is no doubt he prof soludo believes that the blood of any human is not worth the ambition of his or any, likewise that of any living creature.

Now the onus lies on our security agents to unravel the cause of the killing and bring those involved to book to avoid a repeat of such which does not speak well of the state as we approach the election period.

Ifeanyi okoye


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