Sunday, April 15, 2018


Mary O.Idahosa on the launch of her Album Maranatha speaks on her journey from her teenage years ,she has been favoured and gifted with singing praises to God as a member of the church choir in the Christ Faith Tabernacle church,she has been in the music industry for over fifteen years,the album is eight track.
The inspiration of the song maranatha is from the vision she had on the coming of the lord,Repentance is urgent no waiting she says,as the coming of the lord is very near 1 cor16:22 she gets some of her music lyrics from inspiration from her dreams,the sermons the bible etc.
She aims to develop a full fledged musical band and studio to help up coming gospel artists excel,her mentors in the gospel music industry are Sinach,CeCe Winans,Anita Bynum etc.

She hopes to get to her peak in the industry she also used the forum to celebrate ber 35th birthday,she is happily married with children

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