Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ayo DaSilva joins Omoyele sowore, Donald Duke and Fela Durotoye on the presidential race

About Ayo DaSilva

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, he had his primary education in Benin City, Secondary school in Lagos and attended Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta where he obtained Higher National Diploma in Applied Chemistry, served his NYSC at Bauchi College of Arts & Science and furthered his education in the US as a healthcare practitioner.

He was elected Speaker of the House in 1982 and Student Union President in 1985 at Ogun State Polytechnic. He joined the Unity Party of Nigeria and served as youth leader under the leadership late Olabisi Onabanjo (former governor of Ogun state). Returning to Lagos after sojourning for work for two years he started his own promotions and production company known as Lloyds Organization. A successful business magnate, he joined the Social Democratic Party (SDP) working to elect Chief Moshood Abiola on June 12, 1993.

As a young entrepreneur, Ayo Da-Silva worked with many charitable organizations helping families, formed innovative partnership with small business and corporations to better the lives of many Nigerian. After the annulment of MKO Abiola and the crackdown of frontline political activists, he exile to the United States and continued the fight against the oppressive government of Nigeria. While in the US, he co-founded the Yoruba America Community and served as two-time President, also as Program Director of Nigeria Foundation of Michigan. He participated actively in electing two Mayors to the City of Detroit and played a key role in Barrack Obama’s campaign and elections.

He returned to Nigeria in 2006 to serve his country and contested for the Senate in 2007 but the big wigs and money politics was already in play, not relenting and eager to serve his people he contested for House of Reps in 2011 but was massively rigged because he refused the bribery play to win money buying votes politics engulfing the nation.

Ayo Da-Silva a pace-setter and an orator knows no boundary, wine and dines with Igbos, Hausa, Fulanis, Ijaws, Tivs, Efik, Edos, Deltas, Yorubas, Christians, Muslims and all Nigerians from all walks of life big and small. In so much the Igbos gave him a chieftaincy title as “Nwane de Nnamba” indigbo of Lagos State. He is married with three children.

He continued to work with many well–meaning Nigerians to develop an economic plan and solutions to Nigeria’s ailing problems. We believe it is time to put the candidate in place where he belongs so that our dear country can be made better for a brighter tomorrow.

Omoyele sowore

The founder and publisher of online news platform Sahara Reporters, hosted activists, journalists and young Nigerians at 13a Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja for a town hall on Sunday, February 25, 2018, and left no one in doubt he will be running for president.

“In my first day as a president, I'll turn Nigeria into a construction site. I have created jobs before. Since Buhari became president, his cows haven't multiplied. He has had 150 cows since.

"If you ask Nigerians about the economic plans of Buhari, they'll point to the British accent of the finance minister. How does accent create jobs?”, Sowore asked incredulously.

It was an afternoon in which Sowore took on all past and present older generation of political leaders and made the case for why he’s the answer to Nigeria’s problems.

56-year-old Donald Duke has been making the case for a young president since forever.

Duke was one of Nigeria’s better Governors when he oversaw affairs of the serene Cross River State from 1999 to 2007.

He’s suave, urbane and cosmopolitan.

"I am entitled to run for the presidency of this country. Only on right circumstances I will aspire for it. I don't shy away from responsibility, I will aspire for presidency of this country. I have what it takes to be president of this country.

"It is high time Nigerians begun to project people with the technical know-how to take the country to the Promised Land”, Duke said in January.

Fela durotoye
This 46-year-old motivational speaker hurled his hat into the presidential ring last weekand he’s managed to stir some serious online debate on the chances of a newcomer.

"It is my hope that as I step unto the political scene, many more of our brightest and best will arise to heed our nation's clarion call to contest for elective offices, win the elections, and most importantly collectively deliver good governance to our nation.

"Therefore, to be clear, I am aspiring to contest as a presidential candidate in the 2019 general elections," Durotoye announced.

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