Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ayo Da-silva a healthcare administrator in the United States of America and presidential aspirant under the Save Nigeria Congress party arrived Lagos. He reaffirmed his declaration to run for Nigeria president. He made his declaration this Friday August 24, 2018 while speaking to a crowd of Nigerian youths who trooped out in large numbers to welcome and hear him speak at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, 

Lagos, Nigeria.. Ayo Da-silva formally declares his readiness to be the next President of Nigeria come May 29, 2019 in order to redress the problems facing Nigeria and her citizens.  He identified the cardinal problem of our country as bad leadership, greed, self-centeredness and avarice, which, according to him have brought our nation to its knees; adding that if we continue to stand by and watch from the sidelines, there might not be a tomorrow for our beloved country.  He lamented that at independence in 1960, the world looked up to Nigeria as the most populous black nation to become the superpower for the black race but instead our country began to crumble with our cocoa farms, groundnut pyramids, palm oil trees disappearing and our culture became polluted. Da-silva pointing out that our forefathers will be reeling in their graves knowing that the country they fought for is now in shambles and so backward and corrupt. He decried the use of religious and tribal sentiments by our leaders to divide and enslave the masses such that they rob the nation blind. He now says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

 Ayo Da-Silva described Nigeria as fortunate in terms of available human and material resources, vowing that he will put the resources to good use.  He assured all Nigerians that he will strengthen and diversify the economy, improve education, and re-engineer government to better serve the people.  He further pledged to maintain an environment that is business friendly pointing out that it is time for real and enduring solutions to ensure that we are taking the right steps to create opportunities for our children and future generations.  He therefore urge everyone all over the world to join his “SAVE NIGERIA NOW” MOVEMENT and support his agenda for the rapid transformation of Nigeria and the well-being of her citizens.

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