Friday, December 25, 2020

Diddy gives his mom a Bentley and $1M for her 80th birthday

 The music mogul throws a birthday dinner in honour of his mother, Janice Combs.

American rapper and music mogul Diddy

American rapper and music mogul Diddy has gifted his mum Janice Combs a Bentley and $1M to celebrate her 80th birthday.

The multi-millionaire rapper took to his Instagram stories where he shared videos from the birthday surprise in honour of his mother.

Diddy's son, Justin was the first to gift his grandma with a diamond necklace with her moniker “Mimi” on it.

This was followed by Diddy's $1M cheque.

It didn't end there as he went on to surprise his mum with a Bentley.

“I can’t believe this,” a shocked Janice said.

“A very important add-on to the gift: a driver comes with it. You ain’t gotta worry about it. You can just tell him your destination. It’s your favorite color,” Diddy said.

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