Saturday, July 31, 2021

In God we trust group of schools (Aka Peniel) end of session and prize giving day

In God we trust group of schools also known as Peniel private school, Ibadan. The school is known for it's high standard in education,moral upbringing,co-curricular activities and spiritual uprightness. The school has produced great wards in different higher education today in Nigeria. 

The graduation and prize giving day session for the 2021 end of session party which was held in their school premises at Adegbayi. The event was witnessed by reputable parents,grand parents to make the event colourful. 

The Director, Pastor... said 'this is the 7th graduation ceremony for basic 6 and the second for the college to the glory of God.,The school is in the permanent site, we hope to get bigger over time. My advice for parents is to take good care of the kids at home as the upbringing of children is not the duty of teachers alone

The event had a lot of activities that thrilled  the parents. Cultural dance,news, jokes, debate, choreography and lots more. 

The school teachers also proved that their working with the proprietor has been awesome, the school fee is affordable,the environment is condusive, and the pupils   are well mannered.

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