Monday, March 5, 2018

it is all about red carpet

A red carpet is used in gala celebrity events such as the Academy AwardsGolden Globe Awards, All star Award, Grammy AwardsMet Gala and Big Brother. While the awards take place inside, much of the publicity and excitement takes place outside with journalists discussing the red carpet fashions, what designers are being worn by which stars and photographers taking pictures. This is now a spectacular international product placement arena of great importance to the fashion industry. Red carpets are often coupled with publicity backdrops which contain brand logos or emblems for photography purposes.[3]
Carpeting in other colors may replace red in some instances to honor a certain cause or for a sponsored event, the sponsor's logo colors, such as a "green carpet" to promote environmental awareness, or for the Nigeria Model Award, an orange carpet is used instead to go with the network's primary imaging color.[4] MTV uses a blue colored carpet for their Video Music Awards.[5][6]
Common items at red carpet events are step and repeat banners which allow sponsors to display logos at the event.[7]

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