Friday, April 13, 2018


Mide Martins’ husband, Afeez Owo marks birthday in an adorable way (photos)

Actor and movie producer, Afeez Owo has released some new photos to mark his birthday today.

You will recall that yesterday, April 12 was his wife’s birthday and she also released some photos to mark hers…in addition she got a wonderful gift from Afeez.

It is worthy of note to also mention that Afeez Owo is beginning to look handsome and fresh compared to when he used to look like a ‘small boy’ beside his wife with many wondering what attracted Mide to him.

In a 2015 interview with Kemi Filani Blog, the actress cleared the air on the misconception that her husband is not fit for her.

She said “Well, love is a very funny thing. It happens in the most unexpected way, you might be the first lady of a country and fall in love with a gardener and you won’t just know how to explain it, love is not something you can just explain.
Whom you fall in love with is not something you can control. When we first started, I myself thought it was jazz cos people were saying it too, but one thing about jazz is that when you are being jazzed you won’t realize it, you wouldn’t even think of it once cos the jazz would have blindfolded you. But I have been with him for the past 12 years, I am sure that if he actually used jazz on me, it would have been impotent by now….so it’s natural, it’s funny, strange but I’m in love with my husband, with just the way he is. Probably if I have married a more handsome man, we would have divorced or separated since and not be living happily as we are now. But I married this man and I'm happy with him, happy with my marriage and I have a happy life. What more do I want or need, I am happy with my husband, I just wish I can tell the whole world that I am
happy with this man, stop all this nonsense talk, he did not use Jazz on me, I love him just the way he is.”

We are super glad that the happily married couple and their two kids are doing well despite the shaking that hit their home in 2016.

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